Effective Date 03/16/2020

Reverse Unit Package

Including: Power Swivel

                   Triplex Pump

                   120 Bbl. Steel Tank

                   BIW Stripper

                                                                                                               Total $1,350.00/day

Drilling Package

Add: (6) Drill Collars 

          (3) Lift Subs 

          (2) Crossover Subs 

          (1) Clamp 

          (1) Set, Spider & Slips

                                                                                                          Sub-Total $400.00/day

Total - Complete Drilling Package                                                             $1,750.00/day


Trucking on Unit                                                                                            $100.00/hour

Roundtrip Mileage Operator/Hot Shot                                                           $1.00/mile

Roundtrip Mileage Hot Shot                                                                             $1.00/mile

Hot Shot with Trailer                                                                                     $100.00/hour

Inspection                                                                                                           $25.00/end

Environmental Fee                                                                       $4.00/end, $25.00/BOP

We wish to extend a 20% discount on all other tools.

Click below to download the Cagle price book.

cagle_price_book (pdf)